Sorting thru the bills on my desk I have received a few more cards from this round and one from round 24!

From rst "A Walk in the Park" Brings back good memories from a time when I could walk all day in the park. I realy love the way the light treats the leaves and branches in the foreground.

From Molli "One the Surface of Things" Once I figured which way was up it all made sense. I think the image fits the paper very nicely. "Interesting" paper seems to be a bit of a side theme here and I like it. I remember buying some pink, yellow and green dayglow paper in the 70's had to order it all the way from New York, great fun.

From pstake "Capital Building" Printed a little crooked with fuzzy edges but on KODAK post card paper no less. Nice!

From labcoat Strathclyde Loch I like the details and motion, but I have to say gulls are one of my least favorite creatures.

Anikin sent along "Frozen Trio" and given the ferns growing in the piano they have been frozen a little too long. Nice use of IR, the figures fit right in with the cotton candy foliage.

In the mail today from kraker "What are you looking at?" Yes indeed, wonder what you did to get them facing the same way? Great shot and timing.

If I count correctly that's 19 from this round, which means a few people must be entering panic mode. Sign-up for the next round starts in a couple days!