Hi Matt,
It threads right into the plate without any adapting rings of any sort. Now I need to clean out a couple of years of piled up old stuff to set it all up! I guess this is gonna be this weekend's project. I might be buying a Schneider 80mm f4 from a fellow APUG'er. I think (hope more than anything else) that it'll cover 6x7. I wanted to get ONE lens that would be an "all-rounder-ish" for 35mm, 6x6 and 6x7. Eventually I plan on getting a good 50mm, but I had a feeling that a good 50mm would get me nowhere with medium format. Where as a good 80mm would help out all over.

I don't know how tall my column actually is but it has a crazy little meter that says, when fully extended, using a f=9cm, it'll have a 7x magnification. A f=7.5cm will have a 8.5x magnification. So I'm guessing a 80mm will do something close to 8x. 8x2.4 by 8x3.6 should give me a 19cm by 29cm (8.7"x13") print from a 35mm neg (give or take). Which is as big a paper as I'll be able to process initially, and enough for plenty of fun! Does this rationale proceed?