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And today I spent the entire day replacing a garage door where our daughter lives. There have been some notable changes since 1974 and the new one did not exactly fit in the same places as the old one did. Not too bad however. Not really impressed with so many plastic parts (the opener was made by Chamberlain), but we'll see how it holds up.
Plastic is the way of life now Jon. Did you try to find replacement parts for your old garage door before replacing the entire thing?

You can't find anyting made in the USA (not Union of South Africa either) and cheap cheap cheap China crap is all you get for your money these days.

Well I'm going to try to patch a leak in 2 made in the USA kayaks today.. they are also plastic but it's the durable stuff that will outlive all of us on this planet. I suspect the dinasurs will be diging this stuff up when humans are all gone.