Another batch / some words to disclose my “Wheatcroft HQ / HQMS attempt”.

Yesterday a new solution 1 was created and stored for 6 hours. The solution was then brought to 500 ml and divided into 5 samples, stored in glass bottles in a water basin.
Sample Zero was kept unchanged, onto sample 1 where added 1ml H202 (30%), onto sample 2 where added 2ml H2O2, onto sample 3 3ml, onto sample 4 where added 4ml H202 to induce further oxidation.
Sample 2 , 3 and 4 showed a visible coloration towards orange/pink after a few minutes, 10 minutes later sample 1 began to change color too.
Sample 4 and 3 seems to decolorize / change color more to yellow after a few minutes more.

These 5 samples will now spend the night in the sink so give enough reaction time.
By the way, the color of sample 1 and 2 looks promising, bright orange/slightly pink, like freshly dissolved HQMS…
My hope is to transform the HQ residuals as far as possible to HQMS without creating larger amounts of benzoequinone (which does have a yellow color and will be probably present in sample 3 and 4).

10 hours later sample zero is still crystal clear, sample 1 (with the smallest addition of H202) show quite intense pink (darker than last night) coloration.
Sample 2, 3 and 4 show weaker coloration (sample 4 the weakest) and tend more to yellow.

Sample 1 looks so-so partway useable, but (over) oxidized, whereas sample 3 and 4 looking suspicious to benzoequinone.
Presuming that sulfite is still present some hyrdoquinonedisulfonate could be formed. (this is hypothetical, can’t analyze that)

In a perfect world a next approach would follow, to come as close as possible, via a very slow titration to the point where coloration begins…
But my time is limited and I do stop this now!

As Gerald Koch and PE mentioned earlier, this HQMS homebrew method will probably NOT produce a constant concentration of ingredients this easy way. Therefore it looks not very usable for getting constant E6 processing parameters, as necessary. This was a bit time consuming, maybe predictable but interesting (like the auto didactical attempt).

If HQMS is not available at all, it will be less difficult and more predictable to brew an (semi) adequate HQ/P or HQ/M/P first developer in the “Watkins” or “ZoneV” tradition.
Brew the “ZoneV” variant preferably without Benzotriazole which can give a slight magenta/green crossover. The latter FD behaves quite well, especially if a Carbonate / bicarbonate buffer is included and the pH is set properly to 9.65 at 25°C, but is (knowingly) not stable (which was the reason for this struggle…).

Hope not having bored you,
Regards, Stefan