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Hello, APUG!

Finally making my way here as the most recent step of my descent into this addiction which started about 6 or 7 years ago after getting a waterproof digital to take fishing & camping. Slowly but surely, I've gotten more into it, picking up a dSLR 3 years ago, then my first film camera, a Canonet QL17 G-III, early this spring. I've put a few rolls through that Canonet this spring and summer, also adding a Yashica Electro (which needs some love and repair) and, most recently, a mint Canonet QL19 G-III.

Descending further into the madness, I decided to start shooting B&W negative and developing myself, and to that end, I currently have my first two home developed rolls of film (Tri-X) drying downstairs as I type this. Hopefully I'll get a scanner up and running this week and I'll be sharing some favorites from those rolls soon!

Until then, here's a few from the QL17, on Superia 400:

Hello, and welcome to APUG from South Central PA!