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We change physically as we age, eyesight, steadiness of hand etc but also in temperament. If the Leica no longer works for you it's not that big of a deal. My eyesight is worsening as I approach 50. I'm still able to use my Nikon FE just fine but there are times when I struggle a bit with my eyes and manual focusing using the split prism. Also, like your Leica, there is no real grip on the FE. So I picked up a Nikon F90x dirt cheap in great shape and the autofocus on that is very reliable and there is lots of grip. Just use a camera that works for you and enjoy yourself, life is too short to fret over a particular camera (yes even a Leica).

When I was younger I loved driving stick, and I would scoff at automatic transmissions. I would hate to have to drive stick now, especially in traffic, my aging knees just don't need that kind of work. Such is life.
Highlight: exactly. And what works for one won't work for another. I loathe the idea of crippling my Leicas with half cases, bolt on grips and soft releases, and I find them vastly eadier to hold than today's bloated SLRs, which to my eyes resemble partially formed turds. But that's just me. For everyone who agrees 100%, there'll be someone else who disagrees vehemently.

To the OP: the purpose of photography is to enjoy yourself taking pictures. It is not to purify the soul through suffering, or to accumulate 'dream outfits'. If you don't enjoy the way things are going, do something else (including changing jobs if you're a professional). Or at least try doing things a different way.

Back to crsantin. I'm 62; sold my last car with a slushbox (Scimitar GTE) years ago; and vastly prefer my Ms (film and digital) to any autofocus I've ever used. It's ALL personal.