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I recently bought an used 165mm 6.8 angulon and i was checking if everything was right, and i checked the schneider page for measurements and they have for overall lenght 30mm for the 120mm 6.8 and 35mm for the 165mm. After measuring mine 165mm it checked for 35mm but the 120 has only 29,60 or around that, measured with a precision digital vernier. Is this usual? or are the measurements anounced from schneider just a guide?


Rui Lourosa
I have a circa mid 1960's Schneider brochure that gives the overall lengths of the 120 and 165 mm Angulons (shutter mounted) as 29.5 mm and 34.3 mm respectively. I could speculate that the figures you give from Schneider (from their website?) are the result of rounding-off. But strictly speaking 34.3 would round-off to 34, not 35.

I hope this helps.