Well, the apertures are all cleaned up and functioning well. The dissambly didn't go as planned though, and as a result ended up messing with the helicoid assembly. This I believe is causing me so much headaches. I get to the point where everything seems to be fitting and interacting okay, but as soon as I screw in the final 4 screws into the mount plate that screw into the aperture ring (that screws into the main body ring), everything goes south. The focus ring that used to focus from the minimum to infinity, stops well short of infinity. The aperture adjust ring doesn't open the blades, or at lrast not completely.. I believe it centers aroung the 2 piece helicod assembly. If anyone out there has any experience or suggestions (other than send it in to a camera repair shop*), PLEASE feel free to help! (*repair shop is a definate possibility, but is seems that I am so close to having this working propperly.