One problem with color enlarging papers, most any paper actually, is that rarely are expiration dates or use-by dates provided by a manufacturer. I'm using 10 or 12 year old paper I've had in my darkroom, not properly stored in cool conditions, that has a light gray fog. It's useful for some testing, but not for finished prints. I wouldn't buy old paper stored like this even for testing. I am only using it because it is already on hand.

Buying any paper cut down and repackaged from large rolls would concern me if the seller would not disclose how old it was or under what conditions it was cut and packaged. I want assurance of fresh, recently coated paper, cut to smaller size and repackaged in total darkness. Some people are comfortable using a safelight with color paper, such as a Kodak #13 filter with 7.5 watt bulb no closer than 4 feet away, but I am not one of them. I would not buy a color RA-4 paper that was cut and repackaged under a safelight.