BMbikerider. Well done. The stones are key here and in both the bike with wall and bridge shots they look spot on and every print looks fine

One question and two observations if I may.

Q. What light setting have you used on the DUKA? I note that you had said about 50%. My DUKA 10 goes from 0 to 35 so if yours is the same and I assume that it is, does this mean that you get away with at least 15?

The observations:1. The Y&M settings are lower than I have had on my Durst 605 ever but I have never used the new Fuji CA and OK my enlarger's dials may cover a different range(0-130).

I am interested in these settings as I will need to transfer to the new Fuji paper soon if I continue to do RA4.

2. When you do B&W you might want to consider a standard B&W safelight unless you have at least one or better two spare sodium lamps for the DUKA. The DUKA becomes a good doorstop if the bulb goes and new ones cost the earth. I conserve mine by using an Ilford 902 for B&W

Just a thought