Given a dry reel, the Jobo 1500 series reels are a very slick way to load film in a tank. They alos take about the same amount of chemistry in inversion mode as most stainless steel tanks. the patterson/Photoplast style varry from slightly harder to almost the same as the Jobo to load, but do take more chemistry. The Slickest of the Bunch is the AP Compact reels which also have the built in Guides for Roll Film. Unfortunately those guides get in the way of you want to chek the film just out of the fix and before the wash.

With Practice Stainless is easy to load as long as the reels are not bent. If a stainless reel is misloaded, it can easily result in blank spots on the film. Also if you do detect that there is a kink forming when reloading stainless, the kink will work very hard to prevent the reel from loading smoothly.

I used stainless for years. Then I strted with teh Jobo and hardly use the stainless unless I am short on Tanks. I just which the price of the Jobo stuff would come back down out of the sky. 30 bucks is now cheep for one reel.