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Answer to question 1: The waist-level finder has a flip-up magnifier built into it. Same with every Rollei TLR I've seen. The reason to use it is that it enables seeing the ground glass screen better and makes it easier to focus.

Answer to question2: If you'd rather buy or use a new camera then you should do that. But I, too, like both the performance and sound of the 501/CM rather than the heavier RB/RZ!
I see, so that what you call it a magnifier, in fact this is what giving me the nightmare because i use it always, without it is a bit better but not easy too, magnifier giving me headache more than without it, i think either because the focusing screen itself is not good enough so that that magnifier is not helping me much, or the magnifier also not good one, so should i change the WLV also?

In fact maybe i didn't explain my issue clear enough or let's say i don't know how to describe my issue, but it is with focusing and viewing through that WLV, is it the focusing screen or the magnifier i don't know, wish if my digital hasselblad screen can work on my film hasselblad.