sorry to bump this old thread. i would be testing my mod54 soon. i would like to ask if there are some people who had other techniques that would like to share using this processor. i've seen morgan video already. looking for other alternatives. actually i would be using this processor to an old paterson system 4 tank (not the super which is required). i just added some mods so i could use it properly with my old 3 reel paterson tank. what i added is a tube i cut from film canister to the top of the processor so it would not move or wiggle inside when invertion method is used. i made two tubes actually. the other one would be possible to use the twizzle stick rather than doing invertion.. i will try the twizzle stick first since my tank leaks a lot of water when i tested it in invertion method. i will try both and see which would work best for me. i will try to post result as soon as possible.