Sounds great. Look forward to viewing the image some time. I imagine there is a great deal of light wrapping on the pipes in the refinery. Even if you missed it this time, it might be worth a reshoot.

Were you elevated or on ground level? I've seen a few large format users on top of vans and such to clear fences. Beds of pickup trucks help too.

Thanks for sharing about the image.

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It is interesting - first off, the resolution of a 5x7 fine grain negative negative (FP4+) absolutely blew me out of the water - the pictures were of an oil refinery where I was in the parking lot about 500-600 feet away; my really cheap scanner set on medium resolution allows me to read the warning sticker attached to the cabinet at the top of the structure.

However, the negative is slightly cockeyed, which the basis of my question as I remember struggling with getting it level while taking the shot and being unsure which level to use. Also, I was trying to capture the 2-3 minutes before the sun went down and the whole structure glows for a couple of seconds. My only available location (the parking lot) didn't allow me to capture that glow, which would have been better seen from inside the structure, where I don't have permission to enter.

So yes, it is important (in the end, it is all that matters) but was not a photo for my portfolio of "keepers".