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Sounds great. Look forward to viewing the image some time. I imagine there is a great deal of light wrapping on the pipes in the refinery. Even if you missed it this time, it might be worth a reshoot.

Were you elevated or on ground level? I've seen a few large format users on top of vans and such to clear fences. Beds of pickup trucks help too.

Thanks for sharing about the image.
I was on ground level with the camera head high and front rise applied - part of the problem is that all of the good areas which would provide the best angles are either behind security fencing or have storage tanks (the 3-story building size) blocking the view. I have inquired several times with their public relations department about taking pictures from closer up or on a tour only to be rebuffed (they don't believe I am an amateur photographer without an agenda). I keep coming back to these locations for about 3 years now - my ex-wife worked on the expansion to the refinery but couldn't get me a pass with a camera - she could take me for a tour but not with a camera. However, consulting the Photographer's Ephemeris, the glow may be more visible from this location in mid-October. I only noticed it because I live in a high-rise about 5 miles away and you can see the glow from my house at certain times of the year but too far away to photograph effectively.

Please forgive the crappy stitching - my $150 scanner can only do medium format (and not well) which means multiple scans to try to show the image and the exposures never line up between the two scans. I did a little dust removal and removed the more obvious parts of the joint but nothing else (if I was going to spend some effort on the image, I would lighten the trucks considerable and darken the sky but this is just a quick preview because you asked). I have several others but this is fairly typical of this outing's shots - I think the right side tilt might be from the scan but I was trying to have the center tower vertical when I shot the image.