Ah here we are again answering the same questions. Maybe APUG should have a FAQ?

Honestly, you are getting into the area where a good digital camera will be much better than anything available in film for its class.

To make a camera pocketable with even a 35mm lens some compromises must be made. The XA uses a reverse-retro focus lens. The Rollei and minox use extendable lens barrels that make them less point and click and more prone to mechanical issues.

Other options are the small rangefinders.. Minolta 7Sii, Konica S3, Yashica CC, Olympus 35RC. Great for a coat pocket, easy controls, full manual option, excellent build and image quality. Too large for pants pockets.

Expensive point and shoots: Nikon 35ti, minolta TC, contax T, ricoh gr1.. these have varying degrees of manual control and are very expensive.

Auto point and shoots.. Olympus Stylus Epic, Yashica T4, etc. No manual controls but good spot metering. Excellent optics and lightweight.

My suggestion is the Olympus XA or the Olympus 35RC.