Yes Cameras when used cause vibration, but is it the type of vibration that causes problems with camera shake. I am not referring to Rangefinder cameras here but SLR's.

I have found that SLR's ALL have some level of vibration when the shutter is released but if you set the shutter to 'B' and release the shutter there is virtually none what so ever, or indeed hardly any noise. Let go of the shutter so that the mirror descends and there is an audible 'clunk' accompanied by a degree of vibration which in some cases if scaled up would register on the Richter scale! However this 'clunk-thump' occurs AFTER the shutter has opened and will have no affect on the image.

Cameras have got better over the years and the worst one I ever used was a KOWA SLR in the 1960's which did a sort of 'Thumpclickthump' as the mirror went up and the then down again. Russian SLR's you may think would be bad in this respect, but with the early ones there was no instant return mirror so the effects were quite minimal.

Medium format cameras are very much the same, only scaled up, but I think on the whole, due to the greater bulk the vibrations are largely dampened out and are of no consequence. Even the Bronica S models although giving off a noise, seemingly louder than a .44 magnum were not a problem for me