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That seems to be a bit of a fudge all round. The mercury in light bulbs are just as likely to get there. Currently my local authority don't offer any facility for the disposal of fluorescent tubes or the low energy bulbs other than dumping them as landfill.

Personally, I think this is another idea thought up to appease someone else who has interests elsewhere.
The "Battery Directive" seems reasonable IMHO. There are some nasty chemicals in batteries generally (I've just turned out 4 D-size cells for recycling, which weigh nearly 500gm, and would have gone into landfill a few years ago!). And it seems that they can be (relatively) easily and econcomically recycled.

Mercury in low-energy bulbs seems more of a fudge...almost impossible to recycle, and complex and energy-consuming to make. Perhaps a quick political expediency to appear to save consumers energy costs (vote for us, we're so "green"?) , rather than wait a few years for better alternatives (LED?) to be developed.