That is exactly what happened. And you know..I had the best setup... I had a video camera ready to record the entire disassembly process. Pen and note pad at the ready. Every conceivable tool at the ready just in case. But then, I got rolling and .. well, you know the rest. [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][COLOR=#000000]I had been at it for 9 hours straight and decided to throw in the towel. After 2 days of this stuff..I had my fill and was was going to send it to a repair service in Toronto, since there aren't any in Montreal that I am aware of. So I assembled it in the way I thought would make most sense, not really expecting the focus or aperture ring to really work. But God must look after idiots, because would you believe it, the focus ring worked as did the aperture settings. After ready your reply, I checked out the infinity focus, ND Unfortunately, it does not focus to infinity. I made a post in a Flickr group called "Minolta Rokkor f/1.2" where I posted my situation. I got one reply very similar to yours, without mentioning having to possibly adjust the real lens group however. I REALLY would like to avoid a complete disassemble once again.. Can I not, in your opinion, adjust the front helicoid by going in from the front only? (Removing the front lens group via a spanner wrench and adjusting from there? Oh.. and if I do this...just want to make sure my "right" and your "right" are the same..Lol.. When you say "[/COLOR][/FONT]restart the helicoid one tread to the right, then reassemble.", I am I to assume you are A) looking down the barrel from the rear lens group out to the front lens group or, B) facing the front lens group looking down to the rear lens group? This is going to turn out into "Helicoid hell" I am sure.