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Cut out the middle man and sell direct online. Negotiate a volume deal with DHL or UPS and make sure the shipping conditions and prices for the customers are reflected in the prices of the products.

I can't buy EFKE locally anyway, no stores in my area carries it, so I used to get it online from Germany.
This wonīt work because the "middle men" finance the product availability and optimize freight and customs. Efke produced on demand every 6 weeks and we kept stock for 6 months in order to be somehow able to supply in a way that a customer can expect us to. It is extremely expensive to sell small quantities of product to individuals and give technical support etc. You need the capital (interest), infrastructure and people for that and this costs you money. In the end you get to keep at maximum the amount that the "middle men" earned as a profit. By no means you will be able to keep all the markup he added. An now guess what?
The middel men arentīt doing to well in this price driven market either.....

So this will bring you nowhere. The market needs to stabilise itīs markup chain. Today Fuji Europe announced a 20% price increase on all silver halide products. This is good news for the industry and for the consumers even though consumers might disagree in a first reflex.