The reason to own a Mamiya 7 is the same reason to own a Contax or a Leica - the wide-angle lenses. Leica at least had the good sensibility to not make rangefinder lenses longer than 135, and even those are scarce as hens' teeth. They and the Contax G series top out most of the time at 90. Where all these rangefinder systems shine though is in the wide-angle end of things. The best lens for the Contax G is the 21, with the 28 a close second. The Mamiya 7's best lens is the 43, with the 50 and 65 coming in close behind. When shooting wide to ultra-wide, rangefinders are the cats' meow because you can design better glass for them. No mirror to get in the way means you don't have to come up with a retrofocus design.