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Re Manfrotto levelers, see my post #12. I have Manfrotto 138, use it under my still cameras as well as under my cine cameras.

That manufacturers of "video" tripods for amateurs make and sell bad products is unfortunate. That amateur videographers don't know the basics is lamentable. They're no better than amateur cinematographers, but that doesn't justify either's ignorance.

Your comments betray a major shortage of working memory. That, or a major lack of intellectual integrity.
Dan, I would like to end it here. Amateur videographers buy what they can afford. Not everybody owns a Hollywood studio. They buy a 2-way head because it makes sense for video. What is so difficult to understand?

My memory works very well. Your comment on my "intellectual integrity" is a personal attack and shows your scarce level of politeness in a public discussion.

Re-read the thread and understand by yourself how off-mark were your considerations about highly professional Hollywood gear in response to a simple remark saying that 2-way head are typically used for video.

I hope not to have to rebuke further personal provocations.