This might seem an odd question, searches on the web yielded zilch, my curiosity has been bugging me with this for a while. Seeing as silver halides are very photosensitive, does silver flouride exercise the same property? I know Flourine likes to bond tightly to whatever it can, and seeing as light hitting silver halide crystals has to yield say 4 atoms of free silver to be developable, freeing the bromine atom is this why I have never seen it used? If it is photosensitive like the others, is the strength of the F - Ag bond tight enough that one would need ridiculous exposure times to make much change at all?or maybe even not photosensitive due to the strength of the bond? This I only assume due to the nature of Flourine being the most electronegative of all the elements and it's tendency to form unreactive, tight bonds to anything making Flourine compounds,even glass!

Hopefully someone can shed light on this!