The difference between Durst and Kodak units is, I think not a greater range, but a much steeper curve. the settings at zero on both types are where there is no filtration at all.. The LPL goes up to 200 units where yours 'only' goes to 130. However when the Magenta filter is set on 200 when I use Ilford or Kentmere papers, the contrast is supposedly equal to Grade 4.5; whereas at 130 magenta units on the Durst enlarger, will, so I am lead to believe, give a true Grade 5.

The filtration needed to get the B&W prints was 10m/10y, but this seems to be dependent on the age of the chemicals and the replenishment I use. (80sq ins = 10cc of replenisher developer). I bet when I next try to get B&W with Kodak CN400, the filtration will be different. At least it stops me getting bored!

I have also tried to get the equal tone using Ilford XP2 and failed miserably. Incidentally, no way, whatever I do, can I get a proper black, it is always dark brown. Quite pleasing but a totally different filtration setting with loads more magenta.