Just posting to say hi! I'm Ali, 19, going to study Press and Editorial Photography at Falmouth Uni in September, my Fiancee and I are moving down there in about 2 weeks (currently in the New Forest). I've been shooting since I was 3 (although I haven't got much better since then...) and planning on going into press photography when (if) I graduate, after doing my MA and a PHD of course!
I only got into digital in 2009, although my 1D and 1Ds are now part of my main kit for work, but the SQ-A and F3 still have pride of place for personal work, mainly landscapes and documentary projects. I print my own work when I can get access to darkrooms at uni, still need to get my own set up! I joined here in the hope of learning more when it comes to devving and printing, as well as having a huge knowledgebase when it comes to film cameras and a nice feel to the forum.