With a lot of participants and many beautiful pictures, we can look back on a successful topic. There were many types of photography such as portrait, nature, abstract, mood and working with close-up, focus, distance, tele, speed, etc. etc. and combinations of this in color and in b&w. And every catachorie could have a winner.... but I can point just one !!!!
In the thread and MSA gallery: KAV: great work from Thailand, Ezzie: a strong and very creative shot from a serendipitous event, Griz: a wonderful plant and flower-print, AMS: an absolutely stunning Thunderbird picture, ArtO: a beautiful Abstract Crepe Myrtle Blossoms, Andrew Roos: with his impressive Kranzkloof Falls, Mopar Guy and a fantastic series Hummingbird and a nice Grass photo, Noons: and his great photo’s blah-blah and revery from his wonderful daughter, Cliveh: superb picture Grass - Spain, Dennis P. with an excellent station image and window photo, Sly: excellent photo of coathooks, Barbara Ann: Very nice work with Wind Chimes, Black eyed Susans(!) and Rose. And as last a few examples of myself.
Mopar guy with his nice and interesting Hummingbirdseries and special Hummingbird-2 did it fot me, so he can start with the next Thread: MSA September/october 2012:............ Congratulations Mopar Guy!
And thanks everyone for your contributions.
- Bert