Hi All,

Quick question regarding the Mamiya 645 Pro TL. I noticed that when I have the manual crank winder installed, the shutter speed as well as metering mode LEDs in the AE prism are blinking. If I swap out the manual crank winder for the power grip winder, the LEDs stay solid. I tried switching out various backs as well as dark slides and neither made a difference. Can someone tell why the shutter and metering LEDs are blinking? Is something wrong? Also I am using the camera in AEL mode.

According to this link from B&H, they blink when the correct exposure is met. That info is under the "Specifications" tab after "Exposure Metering"


Thanks for your help.

**Edit: Sorry, I have no idea why I put AF in the post title...I think I meant to write AE prism.