So I've been having interesting times with my Tetenal Colourtec Kit. I tend to use each batch four times, and as per the instructions increase the time per run. Its the last runs that aren't so good and uneven deving is occurring. It seems that there is alot of critism on using BLIX, so I though i just switch to Bleach and a Fix.

After dropping off a load of my Processors to Process Supplies in London, Rob took me down to the basement and showed me a whole heap of Chems that they can't sell and I came away with-
(see the pics here

Agfa AP70 Bleach
Kodak Flexicolour Fixer

So what i'm wondering is how long to use each one for & how long each batch would be expected to last (number of rolls or sheets). Thats mixing 1l and using a small tank for deving.

I would geuss around 5mins for the Bleach and 4.2mins for the fixer. The bleach is a real guess.

Any thoughts?