What a nice place to snoop around…

The AP-70 BL canister makes up 5 liter of bleach solution, tank solution (no regenerator).
Bleach time is 6:30 at normal processing temp (38C) and routines, but can be shortened up to 2:45 in a rapid process at 40/41 C environment.
I would stay at 6:30, just to be safe…
The capacity shall be 60 films 135/24 exposures for each canister. ( = 12x135/24 or about 8x135/36 or 120 Films / per liter *for normal processing times, 6:30 min !!)

In AP-70 than follows “FX-Universal” for 6:30 minutes, the Kodak Flexicolor fix will be more than a good substitute.

Regards, Stefan