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Quote :

ADOX Fotowerke GmbH says:

"is there any possibility that Adox buy the rights and keep the production of Efke IR films, or even develop a new recipe for this kind of emulsion? "


Efkeīs IR was the only real IR film left giving results by far superior to the two "near IR" options still out.
Remanufacturing it is possible for ADOX.
At this point it is not on our agenda though.
We need to solve the problem of coating on a small scale first.
At present we are preparing sample emulsions in our emulsion factory to be test coated on various mid sized coating machines which are located in Europe and looking foreward to cooperating with us.
This is scheduled to take place in November.
If this works out and if we are able to produce mid sized quantities at a working price (which means the resulting end user price is bearable) it would be possible to take a 400 speed emulsion and sensitize it with the IR820 sensitizer.
We might do this simillar to Ilfordīs ULF runs by colecting orders in december, making the film in january and shipping it in march.
Specialty products like these are our target.
Itīs fun to make them.