So I've to start working on a project soon which is basically shot as a documentary. I have been till now shooting on a Hasselblad 500c for most of my work but I find it a little slow to work on when it comes to any quick actioned, more impulsive work. So I got myself a Leica M3.

Now the issue is that on this new project I can't carry too much gear, as I need to travel and the place I'm working is known for theft. So I need to choose either the Hasselblad or the Leica to work with. Because films are not available in that region so I'll also have to buy the films beforehand, so choosing the camera is a priority.

I love what the hassey does but unless its a premeditated shot, its too slow. But the issue with 35mm is that I don't get the clarity and smooth tones which I really like with MF. So what should be done now?