A side issue, but really the main issue -- sounds like your ventilation is not very good. It is not a matter of how much air one is passing through the system, but where your head is in relation to the flow of the air. If the fumes from the trays pass by one's head on their way out of the room, then it is like having no ventilation at all.

A fume hood can be a simple thing to set-up for mixing chemistry, or when using a particularly nasty chemical -- a few sticks of wood and plastic to form a box with an open side to work from, and the air sucked out the back and to the outside. I set up something like this when using acetone.

Another source of nasty chemicals with alt processes is blow-drying coated paper. I now have asthma from blow-drying platinum/palladium paper. It took 5 years for it to show up...not too bad, but I have it. Blow-drying the coated paper kicked the platinum dust into the air and into my lungs. I started to wear a simple dust mask and stopped the immediate effects, but still put the platinum dust into my working environment. I now just air dry the coated paper (tacked to a wall with a gentle fan blowing on the paper for a couple hours (High RH) -- and even feel that I am getting better and more consistant prints this way..

But good luck with your printing and your health.