You said:
Can't carry too much gear
Need to travel a lot
Theft is an issue
Speed is important

Why choose Hasselblad or Leica with these criteria?

You said with 35mm, you can't get smooth tones but is it really so? I have been shooting Tmax 400 and Tmax 100 for a while. Especially with Tmax 100, the results are fantastic. Tmax 400 is pretty good in that department also but not to the degree of 100.

How large do you need to print anyway? I have gone up to 11x14 and I have absolutely no complaints.

With your criteria, I'd be picking two F100 (Nikon) and two semi-fast zooms - one for wide-mid and other for tele. If this is an important project and involve travelling, you really would not want to be without a backup gear....