First, the camera looks very nice to my eye. Looks like it just needs a gentle cleaning and minor metal work.

If you really intend to use it, my sincere advice to you is to do absolutely the minimum necessary to get it in usable state and then, use it! Perish the thought of stripping paint or doing anything like it until you've worked with it for at least a year (or 100 sheets of film).

Also, if you do decide to strip or scrape the paint, do not even think about doing it with the bellows in place! It really is not difficult to remove the bellows.

This advice is based upon my experience with several restoration projects. The last, an 8x10 Kodak 2D, took me full two years to was a tear down, strip and complete refinish. Yeah, it was beautiful when completed but, in retrospect, it was not worth the effort. Contrast that to one of my first restoration projects, an 11X14 Century studio camera...completely disassembled and cleaned everything and then put it back time: about three weeks.