Michael, no need to apologise, your questions about flare testing conditions are very relevant to my question.

Stephen, thank you for our extensive explanations and the time you put into them. I feel like I would like to back up my understanding of practical sensitometry with some additonal studying. You mentioned threads on which you explained aspects of it, would you be so kind to recommend also any other relevant reading?

I am looking forward to retesting when I am back in Ireland from my current trip to Wyoming. My overall goal of being able to find a working set of development times and EI, based on a set of sensibly chosen CIs, still remains. I like the completeness of the WBM approach, but I would also like to hear your suggestions as to the alternatives. I suppose I also ought to do a paper response test to validate my chosen CIs at some stage, but I am not sure how much of a personal variable those would happen to be.