Hi All,

I would like to wish our community a happy birthday on this epic 10yr milestone. 10 years! It is hard to believe many of us have been here for a decade. I have now been involved with APUG more than a quarter of my life and my daughter Amelia's entire life.

Remember the old days?

I have very vivid memories of being on AOL instant messenger and banging name ideas around when suddenly the APUG acronym came to mind. Little did I know what would become of it and how it would evolve. I am proud of what we have become, but the real joy for me is being part of the upstanding and supportive APUG family. I also can't thank our moderators and council members enough for the incredible way they keep the tone of APUG consistent -they truly make it look easy. They volunteer their time and energy to this community and I'm sure they find the results of their efforts as rewarding as I do. Also, a big thanks to our many sponsors and subscribers who have supported us over the years, scary to think where we would be without that support.

Here's to the next decade, and a toast to the APUG.