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To the OP, cliveh, have you seen an actual print of this from Adams (not a repro) in person? Fortunately I have the Andrew Smith Gallery right here in town and have seen it displayed a handful of times. It is an exceptional image and his printing was truly beyond anything I've ever come close to achieving.
I think somebody would have a very uphill battle arguing against "Moonrise..." technically. My school (RIT) had a print of it that I would pop in to look at in the dean's office whenever I could. It is technically magnificent and is made more interesting now that you can view finished prints, contact prints, and printing notes online through the eastman house.

Easier, however, is to argue against it artistically. That is very personal and subjective. I don't strongly connect with it. I do feel it captures a time and place and evokes a lovely feeling of peace and quiet. Of a town, even an entire mode of life in America, that is perhaps dying like the inhabitants of the cemetery that is so striking in the photograph despite being diminutive.