I do wonder if we will ever see another ISO 25 film like Efke. I love that film and I have stocked up as much as I could on short notice but I don't honestly think the chances are very high that it will ever come back. I do sincerely hope that the employees in Croatia who worked at Fotokemika are able to find good jobs.

Someone in this post (or another one that I have read recently) said that the time to be stocking up was not after the news of the company's demise was being trumpeted across the internet. That is a very true statement. I was able to buy a bit of extra Efke 25 film, but certainly not as much as I would have liked. So I have decided to begin stocking up on some of the other films I enjoy using. I can afford to buy a little extra film each month to slowly build my stock. I sincerely hope that these other companies do not go out of business, but hopefully I will have some extra on hand if it ever does happen.

And I am going to start learning how to create my own emulsions and coating my own film and paper. I have bought Ron Mowrey's book and DVD, and I will try to attend one of his workshops. I have no misconception that any film that I can create in my own kitchen will be anything like the wonderful films that we can buy right now, but at least I will be able to continue to shoot film if the unthinkable does happen. Besides, being able to mix it, coat it, shoot it, develop it and print it completely from scratch has to be an awesome feeling.