Jim, I've never been able to justify a Tiltall from any of the makers who've used the trade name but have a Star-D imitation Tiltall that I bought in the late '70s. It is a very good imitation.

The Star-D went in the closet when I started shooting movies and thought I needed a fluid head. It stays in the closet because I've found that nearly all tripods with tubular legs and compression type leg locks, including my Star D and the Bogen 3021 that replaced it, aren't particularly stiff in torsion. This is a problem with long lenses.

IMO a wood tripod like the Berlebach 8023 that replaced the 3021 is preferable because they have larger bearing surfaces between the leg sections than tripods with tubular legs. I recently lucked into an ancient Ries Model C that's very nice, can't recommend new Ries tripods because of price. Used ones -- mine cost all of $30 -- can be good propositions.