Ten rolls of mixed 120 Ilford FP4+ and HP5+. Wonderful stuff.

All of the processing stars (variables) must be coincidently aligned in my darkroom because I get absolutely gorgeous b&w negatives by exposing at Ilford's box speed and developing at the Ilford-recommended time/temp/agitation. Being able to leverage Iford's testing in this way is incredibly convenient as the recommended time for both of the above in D-76 (1+1) is the same 11 minutes at 68F/20C.

And the resulting negatives end up being quite beautiful objects in and of themselves. Heck, maybe I should simply frame those and be done with it??

It also occurs to me that this would be an excellent thread for any post-Kodak film operation bidders to periodically check out. Especially if we could get everyone to detail their film usage here...