The Canon Pellix and Pellix QL cameras have pellicle mirrors. These are in Canon FL (manual focus) mount. The Canon F-1N is considered to have a very well damped mirror. It was for this reason that the model did not include a mirror lock-up feature. For macro or long lens work I use an older F-1 or F-1n instead. Where vibration is concerned, some people prefer a camera with a horizontally running cloth shutter. They are often quieter even with the mirror locked up. The odd thing about the Pellix and Pellix QL models is that although they have non-moving mirrors, they have horizontally traveling metal shutters, like the F-1 models. This is because a cloth shutter might get burned if the camera were left pointed at the sun. With the mirrors down, a Nikkormat FT2 is slightly more noisy than a Canon FTbN at the same shutter speed. With the mirrors locked up, the Nikkormat is a little quieter. The Yashica FX-3 is one of the many Cosina-produced cameras. It seems to have about the same amount of mirror induced vibration as the others. The Nikon F2 seems loud whether the mirror is up or down. I can use older manual focus lenses on my Pentax K-x (DSLR) and still benefit from the camera's built-in vibration reduction system.