This reminds me of what happened some years ago when it looked like Ilford might end production. Stores everywhere were wiped out. Reala may be my favorite color print film in 120. It isn't quite as fine grained as Ektar 100 but it's easier to use. You have to work at it to get a bad result from Reala. The way things are going you might have to develop the slide film yourself before the last of it is used. I have a dedicated film freezer which has been full for a while. The overflow has gone into the freezer of the second refrigerator which we keep in the basement. My local camera store has a stash of hundreds of rolls of film which a customer left with them. As I understand it the whole batch has been frozen for a long time. Looking though it is like going back in time. I am in the process of testing some of the fim now. The problem is that I don't have freezer room for much more film so I have to think about getting another freezer if I want the film.