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Hi all, I am planning on using off camera flash with my Pentax 67 and buying a meter that can meter for flash.

Before I commit I want to check that I understand how to balance ambient and flash light to get a nicely exposed shot...

So say for example the shot is a person on a background outside.

I measure the ambient light and it is EV7 so at (for arguments sake) F4 the exposure for zone 5 (average) is 1/60

I then measure the flash on the subject. Say it measures EV9 so (again for arguments sake) at F4 the exposure for zone 5 (average) is 1/250 (2 stops brighter)

So to balance I would set my camera to 1/60 then set the aperture to F8 (2 stops less light than F4) to balance the flash. Or Shoot at 1/60, F5.6 to give me 1 stop of separation on my subject.

Is this correct!??

Thanks in advance wise men!


Also if you can recommend a cheap meter that will do this then fantastic!
To 'balance' set your shutter and f/stop to the ambient light reading, and dial down the flash power -2EV, and then both sources of light would be same intensity.

Or you could use f/8 but select 1/15 for shutter speed on ambient, then the ambient intensity equals the flash with no adjustment of flash output at all.