The 3021 Manfrotto is a good tripod, so is the Tiltall(original made by the Marchioni Bros) the newest ones are nowhere near the same quality.
The Tiltall has ONLY a pan tilt head and it's not removable. It can be modified, but why bother?

Information on Gitzo can be found somewhere on Wikipedia here:
Gitzo seems to take delight in changing model numbers like people change their socks, I think they do it to torment salespeople.

Gitzo has models from Series #0 to #5. The differences are in the diameter of the main leg section. The current catalog numbers equate to the old Series model using the first number in the model number ie: 3325 = Series 3 AKA Studex. The most useful for you would be a Series 2 or 3. Within each series you will find different numbers of leg sections. More sections = more compact when folded and fewer = less compact. IMO(!) a Series 3 would be a better choice especially with the 180.
An added advantage to them is a wider base when their set up and more stable.