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I very much prefer and recommend the Sekonic L-558 (or L-558R) meter*.

It does everything, including incident and 1 spot, for ambient, flash, or a combination thereof.

The L-758 is similar but with many unneeded bells and whistles (e.g. USB interface), at a much higher price.

The L-558 is unfortunately no longer made (replaced by the L-758) but is readily available used for around $350.

- Leigh

The basic L-558 requires an optional plug-in radio transmitter to trigger flash in wireless mode (PocketWizard compatible).
That transmitter is factory-installed in the L-558R (that's what the R suffix means).
As with the PocketWizard itself, different transmitters are used in different parts of the world. Be sure to get the right one.
I'd add that you need to be clear on the trigger frequencies of the gear involved: "CE" spec meters need CE -spec trigger modules+triggers; same goes for FCC spec meters+modules. CE and FCC stickers appear on the backs of meters--FCC is the standard for N. America. Mix-n-match isn't an option. No worries if you don't intend to use a wireless trigger system.