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When you said the flash meter display EV9 there is some problem with that. I don't know if other meters like the Sekonic would take into account of the shutter speed when it displays the EV number or not. I use only Minolta meter and with the flashmeter III when set to EV display mode it display the EV number from f/1.0. So if it displays EV9 it means f/22 regardless of the shutter speed.
Then it's using the wrong units as EV (Exposure Value) has to take account of shutter speed and aperture. In fact that's all it is, the level of exposure. It does not take into account the amount of light.

However, LV (Light Value) is a measure of the light only.

At ISO 100 the figures are the same.

In the light meter's defence, it probably does state that all EV readings are for ISO 100 in the instructions but technically, using EV to represent light levels is not correct.

It's like measuring the length of a brick wall in kilogrammes. Only valid if you know the cross sectional area and the density!