The misconception is that EFKE emulsions are old style emulsions, in fact they were the first of the newer thin coated emulsions but of course 60 years on they are behind in many ways particulary in terms of the coating lines..

I began using EFKE Kb/R14 back in the mid 1970's and have never had a QC issue, I still have a small amount left maybe 3 of boxes 1/4 plate/5x4 and 10x8. However around the time that Kodak dropped B&W papers, Agfa pulled out and Ilford went into voluntary administration film was leaving the EFKE factory with next to no QC mainlt to J&C in the US who wanted every sq inch they could get hold of as people were panic buying. Mirko/Fotoimpex put in his own QC checks before selling EFKE films under his resurrected Adox brand name.

Foma films are quite different they are modern emulsions and image quality is on a par with Ilford & Kodak, they use modern Tabular grain emulsions for some of their films.

If you want to see how antiquated the EFKE plant is/was then look for Jim Brownlow's images he shot at the factory when they made & coated his Dye transfer film. That then gives you an idea why repairng the machinery would be a huge costly task, it's at least 60 years old, and has been moved at least twice.