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I own and use both the Minolta and the Sekonic, with no noticeable difference between them.

And how do you compare them? Oh, I forgot, you don't own either.

Since this has degenerated to an obvious troll, I'm outa here.

- Leigh

Permit me to point out to you something you have overlooked (I am not speaking for the OP, just in case). I have been the owner of a L758D for 5 years and teacher others additive/subtractive/basal spot metering.
Of course, the metering experience goes back to at least 1991 when it was the primary means of determining exposure as the owner of a Horseman 45FA. I don't concern myself with design pecularities. Just making bloody good photographs.

And finally Leigh, do remember that the inflammatory tone in this thread was introduced, unnecessarily, by you.