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Ansel Adams was raised with 19th-century transcendentalists' core beliefs, the inherent goodness of both man and nature.
His work as a photographer is much deeper than the imagination of the average person..... especially in 2012,
hence You often see threads of the kind "I don't get Ansel Adams".
Actually, I just think AA became really good at his craft; business.

He worked very hard to develop a salable high quality product (pretty obviously based on something he enjoyed) and market it well with a great story. He refined that product over time and he was also a good teacher of process.

To me though, most of his work seems to be simply variations and refinements on his original ideas. This is not a bad thing, it is typical of most businesses and crafts; the big leaps of imagination come early while getting things started, followed by many years of formulaic production, maintenance, and refinement.