This has been all been very bad news, not least of course for the Fotokemika staff in Croatia. I for one am going to sadly miss the Adox Fine Print Vario Classic which Iíve been using a lot in the last few years. While the MCC may technically be a better paper in regards a fuller range of contrast, (and another one I like), for me personally, Fine Print has/had a very special tonality, and was quite pliable with different developers for print tone. Really good for detailed shadows. A recent commission was to print a lot of work for a client from the early 70s (5x4 portraits) which had to be sympathetic to original prints done at the time. Worked perfectly. However, in the UK was difficult to get ready supplies and think I ended up buying all the available 12x16 paper from UK suppliers just for one job. However, always a bit nervous of every batch as they do tend to differ in exposure and contrast.

Will be missed Mirko. Good luck with all your other and forthcoming products!